Poisoned Leftover

(muzyka: Leshy, tekst: Night Heron)


Some parts of my vitality disappeared 


Under dark shroud 
There's hiding oblivion 
Dreams are petrified 
I've lost it all 
In sin 
In blame 
I've lost my own way 
Where are my limits 
Where is the residue of my consciousness 
Of my future self 


I am the king in this land 
In this castle built on failures 
Alone in his property 
In this castle built on failures 


I scream to myself 
And crush walls of suffering 
I’m ripping out my heart 
And I give it to the starving dogs 


Haze in my cold hand 
Running out with blood 
I’m asking myself: 
“how many times did you run?” 


Poinsoned leftover 
Of my heart 
Left by dogs 
Still beats 
On the ground

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